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At any point in time, you have the choice of two main mindsets

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At any point in time, you have the choice of two main mindsets - a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. These are particularly important when you experience a challenge, failure or a setback.


So, what’s the difference? 


A fixed mindset is the belief that your talents and abilities are hardwired in. You can’t change them. You are either capable or you are not. This belief limits your potential. It limits how you can bounce back from failure and it limits what you're ultimately able to achieve in your life.


On the other hand, a growth mindset is the belief that with effort you can change. You can grow and develop and anything can be improved. 


With a growth mindset you are able to experience a setback or challenge and use it as a learning opportunity. You see it as something that you can grow from in order to move forward towards where you want to go.


And so, whatever you are pursuing in life, a growth mindset is absolutely essential to help you bounce back from challenges and keep moving forwards. Isn’t it resilience?


Olympic athletes will tell you that if you are not pushing yourself to the point of failure, then you aren’t challenging yourself enough in order to grow. 


Failure doesn’t define you, it fuels you. Adopt a growth mindset by always asking yourself what is something positive you can learn from any situation, good or bad.

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