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An easy to implement 

employee well-being initiative

that works

Inspire and incentivise healthy lifestyles with the in8 employee engagement, well-being and performance app.


We have developed the easiest and most efficient evidence-based process to facilitate measurable positive change.

The chat based interface is simple to pick up and use straight away – and it takes just a few minutes a day.


Proactive, affordable support for your most valuable assets





One minute Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis provides a snapshot of the condition of the nervous system

Chat-style conversations capture what the user is experiencing, feeling and seeking

AI/ML algorithms analyse the combined physical and psychological data

Optimise the 8 key areas of well-being through personalised insights and practices

The business benefits

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The well-being of your staff is not simply an individual or personal matter for each employee, but rather something that a business can take a proactive step in promoting. This is especially true now that working from home has become more common place.

Not only is this consistent with the obligations imposed on an employer under the safety laws to take reasonably practicable steps to ensure the health of its workforce, but it is also an approach that can place your organisation in front of its competitors by being identified as an organisation with a commitment to support its staff.


Key areas where in8 can bring benefits for employees includes:

  • Improved morale

  • Better teamwork and social networks

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Higher job satisfaction

  • Stronger engagement

  • Satisfies employer well-being responsibilities


Value on Investment (VOI) can also be measured across other areas of the business such as:

  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings

  • Increased profitability for the company

  • Increased productivity from the employee

  • Lower turnover

  • Fewer safety incidents

  • Lower levels of shrinkage (employee theft)

  • Fewer missed workdays

  • Better product quality (measured by product defects) 

  • Lower healthcare claims costs

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