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  • I'm having trouble installing the app
    Currently we support iPhones only. The app requires iOS 12 and above. You will need 50MB of free memory.
  • I'm having trouble doing the HRV assessment
    Movement of the finger: The camera is very sensitive to movement, if you are moving, in a vehicle, on a train etc, it could reduce the quality of the signal. ​ Finger on the wrong phone camera: Some phones have multiple cameras, if you are repeatedly getting a bad signal message, try placing your finger across another camera. ​ Finger being placed too hard on the camera: If you are pressing your finger too hard against the phone camera the reading quality will be reduced. Try placing your finger more lightly across the camera and torch/flash. ​ Hands too cold: If your hands are very cold this can restrict blood flow to the fingers, this reduces the quality of the signal. Warming your hands should fix the problem. ​ Bright light: Direct sunlight can affect the quality of the signal. Move out of the sun and try again.
  • How should I breath while doing the HRV assessment
    Relax and breathe at your natural pace. Self-pacing seems to be ideal, as each person might have a preferred way of breathing. The important point is not to force your breathing or make any effort to try to breathe particularly deep or in an unnatural way.
  • What is Heart Rate Variability
    Most of us know about heart rate, the number of times the heart beats in a minute or “bpm”, and resting heart rate, the heart rate measured while being relaxed, but awake. Also, many are aware that amongst the general population a resting heart rate of 60-80bpm is considered pretty good. What is less well known is that those beats do not actually occur at precisely regular intervals. For example, if a resting heart rate is measured at 60bpm most people tend to assume that the beats will occur at consistent intervals, i.e. in this given scenario 1 beat every second. In reality, this consistency does not occur. There is variation in the time intervals between each individual beat. HRV is simply the measurement of this physiological phenomena, the measurement of the variation of the gap between heartbeats. A healthy functioning body will display a greater variability between beats than a poorly functioning one.
  • What can influence my HRV
    Exercise and physical activity/stress Mental/emotional stress Sleep-wake cycle Nutrition and food intake Infection/Illness
  • What can my HRV tell me
    Your HRV will change each day and this is quite natural - what you are trying to achieve is an HRV that is consistently trending higher over a period of weeks and months. This will tell you which breathing exercises and lifestyle choices are having a positive influence on your mental and physical health. By understanding 'the science of you' you will be able to make more informed life decisions leading to a more positive and healthy outlook and daily expereince.
  • I'm having trouble doing some of the breathing exercises
    If you are experiencing difficulty or begin to feel faint or light headed during a breath session, stop immediately and give yourself time to recover back to normal. At the end of each breath session we ask how you found the exercise, select the option 'too hard' and the next time you use the app an easier breathe exercise will be made available.
  • What's the best way to do the breath sessions
    Most breath sessions are best completed whilst sitting upright. Simply follow the on screen instructions and the breathing animation. Make sure you are breathing using the diaphragm (the pit of your stomach) - your stomach should be going in and out, not your chest.
  • I have no sound
    Currently the app does not include sound instructions for closed eye breathing sessions. We are working on this now and it will be included in a future release.
  • What is Humanistic Psychology
    Humanistic psychology is a branch of psychology focused on the character strengths and behaviors that allow individuals to build a life of meaning and purpose—to move beyond surviving to flourishing. Theorists and researchers in the field have sought to identify the elements of a good life. They have also proposed and tested practices for improving life satisfaction and well-being.
  • How is humansitic psychology different from the rest of psychology
    While there is plenty of overlap, humanisitc psychology has been described as different from other areas of psychology due to its primary interest in identifying and building mental assets, as opposed to addressing weaknesses and problems.
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