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Fixing weaknesses is not what we're about. We concentrate on the branch of human psychology focused on your uniqueness and strengths that can take you from surviving to flourishing.

The in8 app is based on the latest best practice methodologies in well-being. 


We've combined years of research in Humanistic Psychology, Neuroscience, Physiology and Breathwork into an intuitive and practical technology driven app.

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Track your heart rate variability (HRV) to get a sense of your nervous system condition. Your body and mind will love you for understanding and responding to what works best for you.


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We get that you are one of a kind. Developed in-house, the technologies behind in8 gets to know you, tailoring tools and practices that respond to your individual needs and goals.

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The in8 model of well-being is based on evidence based methodologies that pack a real punch.

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Understanding and regulating your emotions enhances well-being and enables you to navigate the challenges of life. By labelling how you are feeling and linking that with what is contributing positively or negatively to your daily outcomes, you gain rich insights into what influences your emotions. We help you to create space between emotional triggers and your response, improving emotional intelligence skills, such as self regulation, empathy and compassion.


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Your breath is one of the most powerful tools you have to influence your body and mind. Learning to use your breathing in specific ways gives you the power to change your physical and mental state to suit the situation you are in. This enables you to be more in control of how you feel in any given moment, increasing energy and resilience to stress and illness. We measure the efficiency and effectiveness your breathing and guide the improvement and effective use of breathing skills.

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A healthy body is the foundation for energy, resilience and sustainable progress in life. Learning what habits and behaviours give you energy and support your health is key to improving resilience to illness and capacity to engage in daily life in an enjoyable and meaningful way. We monitor energy and heart rate variability (HRV) to track the underlying state of health and resilience in order to learn what activities either nourish or deplete your health.

Your mind is like a muscle. Learning the specific mindsets that work best for you can develop and strengthen your confidence, clarity and resilience. Training your mind enables you to feel and function better in any situation and bounce back stronger from adversity. This is achieved through guidance on key mindset skills such as growth mindset, optimism, control, flow state and grit.

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There are core universal needs that have to be met in order for individuals to experience well-being. These needs also drive human behaviour. Integrating the needs of security, self-esteem, connection/belonging, autonomy and mastery enable growth and well-being. By assessing how satisfied you are with each of these needs we provide insightful suggestions on how to improve each of them.

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What matters most to you? When your actions align with your values, you're not only in the driver's seat of your life but your well-being improves too. When you identify and live in alignment with your strongest values you are more motivated, experience greater clarity and a heightened sense of purpose in daily life. We guide you to identify your values, set a long term vision and connect with the ‘why’ that makes these important to you.

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We all have them. Unique qualities you're good at and enjoy. Understanding these, and how you can best use them enables you to bring your best to the opportunities and challenges of any given day, enabling you to be more confident, happy and energised. Our proprietary strengths algorithm identifies which strengths you were displaying at times of feeling or functioning at your highest level. 

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Having a strong sense of purpose and meaning has been associated with better health, resilience and even a longer life expectancy. Purpose can guide life decisions, influence behaviour, shape goals, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning. We help you identify where purpose comes from for you so that you can experience a greater sense of purpose in life.

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