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An overview of what strengths are

Audio 2 mins

An overview of what strengths are

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You have some great strengths ... and, as we’ve just chatted about they can be thought of as your gears that you can use to bring the best of yourself to each day and meet life's challenges head on.


Research has found that using strengths everyday increases success and well-being. The great thing about strengths is that they are always with you, all you have to do is choose how you want to use them.


I know this sounds easy in theory, but it can still be a little tricky to do because the mind loves being in automatic. 


So here’s something you can practice yourself that I find really helps. 


Imagine you are about to go into a challenging situation. Maybe speak in front of a group of people, or have an important conversation. Just before you enter this situation, take two quiet breaths and ask yourself this question... 


Which of my strengths can I use to help me with the task at hand. The more you practice this, the more your mind will become familiar with your strengths and the easier it will become to use them and bring the best version of you to any situation.


Here is an example - Geoff had to talk in front of a school and was feeling nervous. He took two breaths, calmed his mind and remembered that he is at his best when he is genuine and honest and makes people laugh... so he decided to open with a joke and just be himself. 


His openeing cracked everyone up, this calmed his nerves, and gave him the confidence to continue and deliver a great talk. All because he was playing to his strengths.


So remember ... you cant always control the circumstances that you face ... but you can always choose to use your strengths to navigate them the best way possible.

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