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Strengths can create friction in relationships. 

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It's really counter-intuitive, but often what's best in people - their strengths - can create some friction in relationships. 


Think of strengths like gears on a car... sometimes you can be in the wrong gear for the bit of road that you're on. 


This doesn't make it a weakness, but it can mean it that strength isn't being used in the best way. 


Let's say keeping going through difficulty is one of your best strengths... if you are working on a project all week and don't stop to talk to the people in your life, this might create some conflict. 


People may feel like you are ignoring them because you are spending all your time working. 


On the flip side, you might find someone annoying because they ask so many questions... but the chances are this is one of their strengths. 


It can be really helpful to look how your strengths and the strengths of the people around you may sometimes be a source of conflict. In doing this, you realise that there's nothing wrong with you - or them - you just have some strengths that could be used better to improve your relationships.

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