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Use your breath to reduce stress and bolster performance

1min read

If you have a big event or a stressful situation that you need to be your best in, it’s totally normal to feel uptight and anxious before this. 


One breathing technique that can help with this is to slow down your exhale - the out breath. By breathing out longer than you breathe in, your heart rate will slow down, your breathing rate will slow down, your body will utilise oxygen better, and your mind will feel clearer. 


To start this, just add one second to each out breath. For example, if you breathe in for 3 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds... on the next breath, breathe out for 5 seconds.  On the next one, breathe out for 6 seconds. As always, it’s best to do this breath work through your nose. Slow down the exhale and you see how much more relaxed you feel. 

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