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The benefit of alternate nostril breathing

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The left side of the brain is more concerned with the past, the future and critical thoughts, which are what we think about a lot in stress mode. The right side is more concerned with creativity, problem solving and being in the present moment. 


Modern life tends to utilise more of the left brain than the right, which is why being in the present moment and getting into a flow state can be difficult. 


The following breathing technique can strengthen the connection between the left and right sides of the brain. All you do is use your thumb and ring finger on you right hand. Gently press your right nostril closed with your thumb and breath out completely through your left nostril. Breathe in through your left nostril then close it with your ring finger and breathe out completely through your right nostril. Then breathe in fully through your right nostril. 


Continue this pattern on each side, for a minute. If you want a boost of energy do this with fast breaths. If you feel on edge and want to relax, do it slowly.

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