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What strengths do you use when you are at your best?

1 min read

Want to know one of the easiest ways to improve your connections with other people - play to your strengths.


Because your strengths are some of the best things about who you are, using them can help you to connect with others. 


When people use their strengths well, they feel like they are just being themselves.


Think about your top strengths and the many different ways you have used them before. Think how you can use them to be at your best in social situations and relationships.


Maybe it's speaking and acting truthfully... or asking thoughtful questions.... perhaps it's telling a joke to break the ice... or being kind and helping someone. 


Whatever strengths you choose, there is a way of using them that will be helpful to you in connecting with others. 


Look back over your profile of strengths and pick two that you can use to bring your best to the people around you today.

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