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Have you ever felt like there are things you want to achieve but you feel so far away from getting there?

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Have you ever felt like there are things you want to achieve but you feel so far away from getting there? 


A lot of people feel like this - even when they are already achieving quite a lot.


Achievement is an important part of life. To feel competent, or like you are achieving and progressing is actually one of the main psychological needs. So how do you boost it? 


Well, here’s an interesting fact about achievement. Just like the mind is better at focusing on what’s wrong rather than what’s right, it can be better at seeing what’s not been achieved - than what has. On the flip side; the closer you think you are too successfully achieving something, the faster you will move towards it.


Think of the marathon runner who is completely exhausted and struggling to keep moving. Then, with a few hundred metres to go they see the finish line and can suddenly find it within them to sprint to the finish. This happens because when the brain see’s that a goal is close to being achieved, it floods the body with endorphins and other chemicals that are like success accelerants. 


When this happens, you feel extra energy and motivation and can literally speed up towards your goal. The lesson here is that the more progress you feel, the faster you will move towards your goals.


You can boost your sense of achievement, here’s how.


Every day we ask you to set a small, specific achievement goal for the day... the purpose of this is to focus in on what you can do right now to move in the direction you want to go in life. 


These daily goals may feel small, but if you make them really specific and achievable you can get on a roll of ticking them off. A few days of nailing these daily goals will release the success accelerants that give you momentum and motivation to keep going towards your vision. 


Focus on your daily goals and allow yourself to feel great about achieving them each day and, before you know it, achieving what you set out too will become a rewarding habit.


At the end of the week, remember to look back and celebrate all the goals you have already achieved!

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