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Purpose isn't something you find, it's something you uncover

2 min read

Everyone has purpose - or something unique and meaningful to contribute. 


It is easy to make the mistake of looking outside of yourself to find purpose, when really, purpose lives inside you  - it is something to uncover rather than find. 


Purpose is often displayed in the qualities that you bring to the world around you, which is why it is often connected to your strengths. 


Another key ingredient of purpose is passion. Passions are things that you are interested in, enjoy and find meaningful. 


Making a list of things that you are passionate about can be a good place to start when looking to get clearer on what purpose is to you. 


If you aren't sure what you are passionate about, that's ok, just make a list of what you are curious about or interested in. 


Thinking about where your passions or interests and strengths combine can be a useful start in uncovering purpose.

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