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Where does confidence come from?

2 min read

Where does confidence come from? 


Well, the short answer is that confidence comes from what you say to yourself. 


At any one time your self-talk is either fuelling confidence in you or taking confidence away from you. So, if you want to feel more confident, you need to take charge of your self-talk. 


The great news is, self talk is something you can control. 


This starts by being aware of what you are telling yourself at different times... What do you say to yourself when you are at your best and feeling confident? What do you say to yourself when you are low on confidence and feeling far from your best? 


The confidence you feel when you’re going well comes from what you are saying to yourself during these times. So, if you want to feel more confident right now, start talking to yourself in the same way that you do when you’re at your best. 


Remind yourself that you’ve done good things before and you have strengths that can help you bring your best to any situation.


Why wait for things to go well in order to feel confident when you can fuel confidence in yourself by building better self-talk.

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