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How you can apply a growth mindset

2 min read

Let's take a look at how you can apply a growth mindset. The first thing to know is that everyone can be triggered into a fixed mindset from time to time. Often people have a growth mindset about one area of their life and a fixed mindset about another. 


How do you know when you have been triggered into a fixed mindset? Well, you can normally hear it in how you are speaking. If you are saying things like "there's no point me doing that" or "I don't do well at this or that"... these are signs of a fixed mindset. 


A simple practice to move from a fixed to growth mindset is to change the way you speak to yourself and about yourself. Say things like I am keen to improve this skill or I want to give this a try and see what I can learn.


The same is true when you are talking with others. Instead of just talking about results like "did you win or loose?" talk about what effort was put in, what went well and what can be learned from the experience, regardless of the result. 


Growth is an important part of life and adopting a growth mindset will help free you from any unnecessary limitations that you are potentially burdening yourself with.

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