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Managing different moods

2 min read

Sometimes things happen that cause feelings of negative emotions or low mood... this is totally normal. 


It’s normal and healthy to feel the full range of emotions. When this happens it can be helpful to get curious about your emotion... get curious and name the different emotions you are feeling. 


Research has shown that simply labelling the emotions you feel can help you to feel better. 


How does this work? Well, when you name the emotions you create a sense of space between you and the emotion. 


So, for example, instead of being angry you would say ”I am feeling anger” , or instead of being frustrated you would say ”I am feeling frustrated”


The difference here is that it separates you from the emotion. This helps you to make sense of what you are feeling and why, AND CREATES THE SPACE FOR YOU TO CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO NEXT. 


If you want to experience more positive emotion, gratitude is a great place to start because when you focus on what you have to be grateful for this feels good but also opens your mind to see more opportunities to do things that bring you joy.  


You can’t always control what happens in life, but you can control how you respond. It’s your ability to choose your response that gives you your true power. 


Be curious about the emotions you are feeling and rather than try to push negative emotions away, focus instead on building gratitude by appreciating what’s right in your life. The breathing exercise is a great way to practice this.

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