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The nutrition you put into your body - is a core element of well-being

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The nutrition you put into your body - is a core element of well-being, health and overall functioning. Nutrition literally affects every process in the body and has a big impact on your state of mind, too. 


Because of this, maintaining healthy and adequate nutrition is a really important practice. 


A good way to gauge how your nutrition is going is to look at your energy throughout the day. Are there times of the day where you feel low in energy? 


Nutrition can be a complex subject because everyone is different, so what one person needs will be different to what another person needs. 


That said, the basics are simple. 


Number 1 - are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Between 50 and 80% of your body weight is water. Most adults needs over 2 litres of water per day to function well. 


Number 2. Is there bad stuff you can cut back? Foods high in sugar and processed foods are the main culprits that should be cut back... foods high in sugar give a short term hit of energy but can also bring a big drops in energy later on. Replace these foods with unprocessed, lower sugar alternatives. 


If you do these two things and eat a variety of healthy types of food frequently enough, then you will be well on track to scoring higher in nutrition this week. 


These are just the basics that work for most people, but its always good to check with your medical professional if you feel that your nutrition choices are causing you a problem.

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