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Something that people often avoid talking about..

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This is going to be a bit deeper than usual. That's because it's about something at the core of our identity. Something that people often avoid talking about..


That thing? It's called shame. 


Shame is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that you are not good enough or that you have done something wrong. 


Everyone experiences shame at times - it's totally normal... people just tend not to talk about it. Shame thrives on silence, which is why it's good to talk about it. 


Breaking free of shame comes from realising that, regardless of what you do, you belong and you are good enough! You are worthy of love and connection and nothing you do changes that. 


Conditioning your mind to believe that you are already enough and nothing can take that from you is the foundation for true confidence in life. 


Why? Because it gives you the freedom to live knowing that you aren't defined by what you do. That no matter how badly things go, that you are still a valuable person. 


Sport is a good example of this: if you don't feel like you are enough as a person then you will be competing for your sense of self worth, which is dangerous because the outcome or result is never guaranteed to be in your favour. 


If you go into a competition knowing that no outcome can change who you are, then you feel free to express yourself without as much fear - you can learn from the experience and enjoy it for what it is. 


This is true for anything in life: don't let shame trick you into feeling like you aren't good enough. 


Be yourself and know that your worth as a person isn't defined by what you do.

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