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Stress is a normal part of life

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Stress is a normal part of life. It tends to occur when you perceive the demands of a situation to be more than your ability to deal with it. 


For example. if you don't have enough time or skill to get something done.


The human body is designed to rise to stress and then settle back down. You actually need stress in order to function well, to rise to challenges and get things done, but too much stress without enough recovery can be unhealthy... and also, not very much fun!


If you are experiencing stress at the moment, there are some proven things you can do to help you to take back control. Often the best place to start is with your perception.


What does that mean? 


Well, By changing your perception of the situation, you can actually change the stress response. 


For example, if you have a big sports competition coming up and view it as something that could damage your reputation if you don't perform to expectations, then the competition could be viewed as a threat, triggering stress. 


If the same competition is seen as an opportunity to test yourself and do what you enjoy... and you feel grateful for this opportunity, then it will trigger a totally different response... a more positive feeling, maybe excitement. 


Its not always simple and there are real threats and stressors in life...  however, try and view situations as opportunities wherever possible, and in doing so, have a more positive and healthy experience of stress.

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